June 23, 2014


Hello mates! (As a real ozzie) Today I have the testemonial of Jo, my cousin's Becky friend, who I met in the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia and easily loved her for being so funny with a good humor. 

Jo went to Nepal and explored Annapurna, that area with high mountains, tons of small villages (where many locals never seen a city before), yaks, fresh air... I been there 2 years ago, so I wanna thank Jo for these beautiful text and images, they brought me good memories to life. 

One photo.
That's what initiated a trip to Nepal in the first place. At the start, Nepal wasn't even part of the itinerary.

I love my photos, and I love posting them on social media. I'm half asian - so it's naturally part of my demographic. (You should see me work chopsticks - disgrace). I find you get the people you expect the least commenting on your travel photos. Post them, share them. Help people remember. 

I even got a comment on Tripadvisor from a Spanish lady once. She went out of her way to thank me. According to Google translate, the comment went something along the lines of "Ola, thanks for putting your photos up for your accommodation in Phi Phi island!! We chose the room off your photos and had a great time, taco taco si'. What a nice little Spanish lady. 

I had planned on going away for three months originally just to SEAsia. I wanted to do it a lot sooner, but to be honest I didn't have the guts to leave my job. I was way too comfortable. I loved the people I worked with. Not knowing what to do with my stuff, with where I was going to live when I came back. To take a risk. It all seemed a bit too hard. There was always some sort of excuse. So I stayed, and did a shorter 1 month trip over the Christmas break to Thailand instead.

The next year rolled on by, and I kept to my office job. There were days where I never saw daylight, coming in early, and working back late. Then, one of my close colleagues left to travel overseas indefinitely. She changed her profile picture on Facebook one day, and what I saw instantly drew me to Nepal. 

It's funny how the effect of one photo can have on a person. 

I managed to lose myself within the picture, it was so contrasting, the Icy mountain peaks against the dry rocks and grass below. Nicole was trekking up the hill side, beanie and backpack on, walking away from the camera. I longed to be there myself. I wanted to see the view for myself. Whether I could do it, could I do it? The Himalayas? Trekking?? In the Himalayas??

I would look at the screen, and then look outside my view at work, into the window of buildings outside, then back at my screen to that one photo. And daydream. I'd find myself frustrated, unknowingly tapping my fingernails against the desk. I had acquired a very strong case of wanderlust. 

Then, later that year, Andy stumbled upon a cheap flight ticket. We thought, why not? And added in India while we were at it. Our itinerary was now Nepal, India, Thailand, Laos, and then Cambodia. 3 months. By early November, we landed in Nepal.

We didn't really plan much, which is very out of character for me (I tend to plan trips OCD-esque). We spent our first few days in Thamel, looking for the best deal and equipment. Then, we set off to complete the Annapurna base camp trek, 11 days total. 6 days up, 2 days down, then finally 2 nights rest in Pokhara before heading back to the capital. We spent 1 day travelling to Pokhara, reduced our bags by half, left the other in the security of the lodge we stayed at - then started the climb. 

In terms of preparation - we didn't train at all. 

Actually we lived on a dirty Macca's diet beforehand - with no regular exercise. We were trying to empty the contents of our fridge. And we are lazy. And Macca's is awesome.The first day was hard, but then after that, like everything you get into a rhythm. And then you become a freaking weapon.

I tell you what, that place is amazing. It was fucking hard work. There were times when I didn't want to look up, or down, and could only place one foot in front of the other to conquer my will of wanting to stop, set up a picnic rug and say 'nah screw that, I'm going to eat a sandwich now and cuddle myself'. 

But I'd do it again in an instant.

I don't want to go into too much detail, as it's such a special chunk of the world that everyone should go and see for themselves. 
So I've posted a few snippets from my own photos, in the hope that it makes you feel that same little something too.

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  1. Indeed, and inspiring story of an example of people getting out of their comfort zone, and taking a leap of faith towards the unknown!! waiting for my turn :D


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