June 14, 2014


These Dinka Tribe from Sudan photos by the talented photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher are impressive and speachless.

 Oh so lovely girl fox dress! I'm developing a passion for foxes. This girl is also full of cuteness, look at her candy cotton hair :D Found here!

 This is reality. Sometimes I think this african children are happier than american children, even if they don't have playstations and three meals a day. [unknown source, found on facebook]

Seriously?! I could spend few weeks here, no problem. Or better, I could have something like this Lotus Canvas Tent in my backyard.

I'm completly into the baby boom phase! Look at these fun DIY Toys, great (and cheap/free) ideas to play with your children, nephews...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo.


  1. Adoro a fotografia dos meninos Africanos e do que eles estão a dizer... de facto less is more!!

    1. Mesmo! Fico comovente quando vejo os meninos de Africa a brincar com pedras ou arranjam qql objeto para servir de bola :)

  2. Replies
    1. yessss! Go look at the website to see another "bedrooms", they are so dreamy. One day I'll have one!

    2. Oh la la, I did .... aren't they a bit pricey though?!?!
      Amazing though =)

    3. They are pricey but you know creativity is priceless and they seem to be high quality. Not for my pocket though just for my dreams <3

    4. ok .. & Dreams are very important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as we know) :} :}


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