June 13, 2014


When you born and grow up in a 5 minutes distance walking to the beach it's pretty hard to be far away from the ocean. After 2 weeks without ocean I have the need of breathing the breeze, feel the salty water on my feet, walk in the sand. Can be Winter, doesn't matter. Not to mention the stunning sunrises and sunsets!

In my area we live a quiet and stress free life during Winter time but when it's Summer all beaches are packed, traffic jams happen and all you want to do is to yell "Get out of my land!" But that's not cool. Everybody is welcome. South Portugal's main economy source is tourism, we usually work hard on Summer to make sure we have enough money to live during Winter. Doesn't it sound like ant's life?

If you are wondering where this wonderful beach is in ... Portimão. It's called Praia do Alemão (literally German Beach). Look at this paradise! 

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