June 18, 2014


Today I have exciting news: My very first travel related interview for a blog! Yehhh! It took me like 5 hours to answer all these questions, they were pretty personal and made me think a lot. When I look back I've done so much, I met so many people from different countries, I learned about myself, about others, about many subjects, I explored places that never seen humans, I watched animals in wildlife, I enchanged smiles with many beautiful souls. But this is a process that takes a life time, so still have a feeling there's a lot to explore, visit, learn, share.

Mary - In your travels, what are your favorite things you’ve experienced? Think: most beautiful accents, exceptional architecture, kindest people, delicious food, and strangest customs.

Marta - Wait just a minute I’m going to see my travel pictures to feel inspired. Ok, ok I’m back. I usually don’t read Travel Guides where they tell you best places to go, eat, sleep. I prefer to explore myself so I ended up many times in awkward, fun, beautiful situations. India is my favorite country, where you smell pee on the streets or incense and delicious curry meals, where you see much poverty and many millionaires, where everywhere you go there’s a party or a festival going on. It’s also very spiritual and beautiful. It was so much fun when I was in a Vietnamese karaoke, couldn’t sing a word. Not so fun was when we got in Prague and there wasn’t English directions in the train station, we felt so lost. Berlim, Istanbul, Lyon, Melbourne, Porto, Amesterdam, Marselle are cities I’d live for a year (I’m not a city person) because they are alternative, have historical buildings, many interesting events going on. Greece was the first country I’ve been that I didn’t miss Portuguese food (it’s also Mediterranean food though). I love the triangle hats in Laos and their greeting Sabadee is so cute. Also Laos old people and children are the most lovely creatures I’ve ever seen. In India there are arrangement weddings, in Morocco they pray everywhere, once the driver we were hitch hiking pulled over in the middle of nowhere, took his carpet and started praying. In Nepal they eat Dhal Bat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In India and Morocco they eat with their hands, sharing the food. In Laos and Vietname they eat with chop sticks just like China. We need a part 2, 3, 4 and 5 for this question!

Would you like to read the full interview? Click here. You will learn more tips about traveling and know a bit more about myself.

Mary, the "journalist" another example of friendship thru blogosphere, we immediatly connected and hopefully whenever I go to USA I'll meet her :) Would like to know more about Mary? Check her beautiful blog. 

I'm also up for more guest-post interviews, if you'd like one just email me :)

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