April 16, 2014


 Remember when I said that would stay one month in Morocco? With 300€ I could actually stay at least 6 weeks. Moroccans (especially from the South) invite you to sleep in their houses, feed you and even give you money (!!!) but we don't accept, that's not the point. When you hitch hike and Couch Surf you save so much, enough to travel much more.
But I'm tired of Morocco to be honest. I mean, I'm having a great time but there's no fix price, you even bargain for food, seriously! Also there are many moroccans out there that seem to be your friends but in the end all they want is to sell you something. Worst! They can give you something as a gift and in the end they ask money for that. Very important: Not everybody is like this, we met many many nice, kind and friendly moroccans. Feels that in the South people are nicer maybe because is far from big cities?

 We just arrived in Chefchaouen, our last stop in this Morocco adventure. From Fes to here, you watch the most beautiful landscape of greenish mountains everwhere, I love it so much!
And when you see this town closer, you only see white and blue houses in a hill, so pretty. Tons of people told us about this place, either moroccans and travellers, but I try not to make expectations because of the disappointments you can get. My travel experience says: always go and look with your eyes. Sometimes people didn't like a place because they got stolen, bad experiences or other negative feelings. But doesn't mean that you will feel the same way.

 This town is picturesque and funky, can't wait to explore tomorrow. It's definitly the best place for shopping handmade, the sellers aren't that annoying and you find unique and creative items in every corner of the Old City.
And the surroundings seem fascinating, want to go on a hike every day! Sounds like a great spot to finish this beautiful trip. (another ride in the desert would be also a great choice! hehe)

And for the first time we are staying in a Riad which is a traditional moroccan house with an interior garden. Nowadays staying in a Riad means 50€ a night, it's the trend place to stay in Morocco but we are staying in the terrace for only 2€. So we can watch the stars and the sunrise in a matress and blanket and all Riad acess free, weeeee! We are pround backpackers and I love this family houses style hotel.

Now I dream about building my own Riad :) Do you have a dream house? In the city or countryside?


  1. I'm a Moroccan but I've never stayed in a Riad for 2 euros :D you should start giving me some advice :) Beside, I like your articles, they're short, informative and exciting to read :)
    Chefchaoun is an amazing city, people here are nice, humble and respectful. If you want to enjoy this place more, You should try hiking around, the mountains there are sublime !!
    Between, I hope I didn't try to sell you something or gave you a gift and asked for money after that :D
    Enjoy :)

  2. Thank you so much, readers like you give me the gas to blog more :) Feels like this month of traveling in Morocco is all in my body now, don't have the energy for hikes just for relaxing and do nothing...
    Nooooo, you are in the Morocco Crew of "Coolest people I met" hehe Our first Tajine was with you so consider yourself as a special one.


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