April 20, 2014


Menau is this guy who born with a gift: making and sharing creative art. We are childhood friends, probably met eachother when 6 or 7 years old, those happy times when you used to play free in the street with other kids and go barefoot to the beach (when tecnologies didn't take place, besides watching Dragon Ball Z and play Super Mario in the oldschool Mega Drive).

He was always hyper with many ideas and projects in mind and the best: making these projects into reality. Just check his bio here and you will see how many activities he was envolved solo or as a group. I trully heart talented people who are active and want to make a difference in this World. Menau sends social, political, cultural messages all the time, just check his genious paintings, full of colors and dinamics. An Intervention Artist, indeed.

An huge inspiration when you follow his growth as an human being with values and positive attitude towards life. And also as an artist who started making graffitis back in our hometown called Quarteira in dirty and old street walls, giving color and inspiration to everyone who would pass by, nowadays with a degree in Visual Arts, the step he needed to explode all his creativity away.

Say hello to Menau :) If you wanna see more magic, check Menau's Website here and Facebook Page here. You will see that Menau is not only a street art painter.

Text: Marta Chan | Photography: Menau

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