April 13, 2014


Being in the Sahara Desert was, without any doubt, one of the best moments of my life. The feeling of silence, of non life, far away from any electronics and the busy life out there was speechless.

We decided to go to Erg Chebbi Dunes in Merzouga to enter the desert. We knew we had to book a tour and be a tourist for few hours :D The agency we found was asking 400 DH (around 40€)
for the pack: riding a camel one hour in the desert until the camping site, watch the sunset from the top of the dune, have moroccan dinner, sleep with the stars and come back in the morning riding a
camel and at the same time enjoy the sunrise and breakfast in the hotel where we leave our backpacks. We bargained so hard that we paid 500 DH for both. It's crazy that we are spending around 5€/day and suddenly 40€ in one click. 25€ sounded resonable. Common! Being in the South of Morocco and not experience the desert? We'd miss something.

It was my first time riding a camel and going to the desert and my heart was exploding of happiness. The sand of desert is actually orange and so soft, I was feeling like jumping to the sand all the time and play.

 The Desert is actually inspirating to take pictures, especially during the sunset. I took zillions of them and again, so hard to choose only few to share with you!

  You can see me smiling all the time in the pictures :) We didn't sleep inside the tents, we brought the blankets outside and slept looking at the stars in this huge black sky. How I wish it was full moon! And the silence. But it's a positive silence that brings you peace of mind, harmony and serenity to your life. In the morning time the vision of the camels in the horizon with the sun rising, speachless!

I hope you are enjoying this trip. Thanks so much all the comments you've been sending, I really appreciate your feedback, means there are people out there who are enjoying what I write about.

Much love and light
Marta x


  1. WoW!!! Great pics, great place, great travel & U look happy, Fellow Traveler Lady :-))

    Desert-experience? Definitely a must! and you could not have said it better than: "far away from any electronics and the busy life" ... Veryyy niiice! Cheers (-:

    1. Yesss fellow travel you gotta write down DESERT and RIDE CAMEL in your infinite travel list :)

    2. Written in my brain, already :-))) very very nice,
      & this kind of pics? can't get enough!

  2. Adoro estas fotos do deserto. Estas paisagens áridas fascinam-me imenso :) *


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