February 4, 2014


When I was a kid and people used to say that some animals are better then human beings i didn't understand the reason why. As I grew up, I experienced some desilutions and disappointments with friends and finally got the idea.
I love animals so much and I'm glad my parents adopted a cat and a dog, you see, with my lifestyle is hard to have pets. On the road I've seen many travellers carrying their dogs, their company. But, in my opinion, the most amazing story is this portuguese couple who decided to travel one year in South America, bringing their caravan and their 2 dogs. Along the way they adopted another one so now they are 2 plus 3 dogs. You can read about their adventures (in portuguese) in this blog. Very inspiring with interesting South America tips.

This is Ricky, (around) 4 years old, abandoned when he was born. Mom decided to adopt a dog because she needed an excuse to walk, we never had a dog before. So she went to the shelter and seems that they looked at eachother and choose eachother. Beautiful Story. One week later we discovered he has epilepsy and have to take medication for his entire life.
Ricky is hyper, caring and friendly. He could spend all day long in the street, exploring and being social with other dogs. At night he likes to suck arms, like a baby. Usually the victimes are me or my mom, the ones who give him more attention in the house.
He has attacks (especially during Summer, 3 or 4 daily) and takes meds, we know he probably won't live much more, so we try to give him the happiest quality life.

First contact with Ruca was at 5am, when I got home and listen a meow meow meow intense coming from the kitchen. When I turn on the light and saw this little creature in the box covered with fluffy covers I fell in love. Brought him to my room and we slept together. It was those happy surprises!! 
Ruca was a baby when adopted, my parents wanted to give Ricky a brother but another dog is way more work so they decided for a cat. He was antisocial when younger but nowadays he likes to lay down on you, come to you to pet him, you can hold him, but not too much, he gets sick of much petting easy. 

Ricky and Ruca are best friends. They don't live without eachother. If Ricky is locked in the backyard, Ruca comes right the way and asks to go to the backyard as well. They lick eachother often, it's funny to see the big tongue of Ricky at Ruca's mini face. They also play with eachother and Ricky eats Ruca's food so now Ruca's plate is in the second shelf, a place Ricky cannot reach. 
Ricky is the cool brother, you can find Ruca sleeping in the large couch and Ricky sleeping in the floor or in the tiny couch. Sometimes they sleep together. I love them from here to the moon and back 10 million times!
  Ricky breaking rules. "Animals not allowed on the beach"

Do you have any pets? If you have more then one, do they get along well? Share pictures!


  1. Aw, they're adorable. I just have the Yuko but someday when I'm less busy maybe I can add more :D

    1. Your blog readers know cute Yuko very well, always posing for pics ;)

  2. Loved the post!

    I have a pet dog, his name Tooby, Tooby and Thinho before were my cat, but the cat died a short time :( They got along really well, sometimes a few squabbles but nothing more I want to have many pets. in the future! I love animals!

    Kisses ♥

    1. Querida Alana, podes falar português comigo, sou portuguesa :) a não ser que queiras treinar o teu inglês? Yes, try to adopt as many pets as possible, many are abandoned and need a family who love them. There's a place around here that was built just to kill animals, because they were abandoned and cannot find a new home for a long time :( How sad is this?

    2. Meus Patudinhos Queridos <3


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