February 2, 2014


Hunting Vintage Items is one of my favourite hobbies, it's the History behind each item and the unusual design quality items that fascinates me. Now a days mostly of stuff is made in China with low quality.
The other day I had the brilliant idea of checking out my father's godmother house and as a granny, 80 something years old, she has the coolest fabrics, kitchen ware, singer sewing machine and all those antiques you wish so hard to have to yourself.
So this is what I brought for myself, or better, to my Etsy Online Shop. All items here are ready to ship worldwide to find new homes to love them.

 These handmade pillows crack me up! So lovely, I wish I could have at least 20 in my living room, would look cozy in a white couch.

 Tunami Hand Painted Porcelain from Japan. This is another thing I love about vintage: where items come from, discover the story behind. We have no idea how precious many antiques we own are!

 My father's godfather sunglasses! I remember him with this sun glasses tweenty years ago, wearing hippie jeans still :)

Oh I wish these tiny white braided shoes were my size. Pretty good lether quality, some scratches but still great to wear. They remind me so much of blogger Kate :)

I would like to have a job like hunting vintage granny's places. Imagine some granny dies and her relatives don't know what to do with all the stuff inside the house, for them is just crap. I'd go there and empty the house. Off course I'd keep the items I like to myself and share the others. Dreamy Job.

What about you guys? Did you find any great vintage treasures lately? Did you ever hunt vintage at your relative's place?

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