September 18, 2013


I can't believe this is actually our last day in the european continent. Almost 3 months flied away and if I look back I can say I had the time of my life. In this 3 months, 1 month was spent literally on the road with my thumb up, asking for a ride. Sometimes we were lucky enough to wait 10 minutes or we also spent 7 hours in Belgrad waiting for someone who could stop the car. I learned many things along the way, learned about myself and about others. I learned how to be patient and to be positive even many times I was down in the sun at 1pm or standing while it was raining. I meet up many many people from different countries with different ways of thinking, different costumes, different life style. The differences make us learn.

Bruno feeding the reindeer in Slovenia

I had the pleasure to stay at my friends house, friends I met up along the way, 2 or 3 years ago. It was fantastic to feel that the distance didn't break our friendship and they are all the same nice human beings. I enter in their lives, meet up their family and friends, know more what they have been up to and be happy to share memorable moments with them again. In the end I left with a smile and with a SEE YOU SOON. Very deep in my heart I'm pretty sure I will be with all these friends again, somewhere in this planet or in another dimension.
I felt very welcome and really felt like home. When you are hitch hiking, sleeping in gas stations, sleeping in the city parks, camping in the nature or sleeping on the beach, a bit of confort feels so good!! Just the fact you sleep in a matress and you can open the fridge in the morning to cook something in a kitchen wwwoooowwww such a great feeling. We start realizing how things are good when we don't have them. If you live forever in your confort zone you won't give the real value to simple things in daily life. You won't change, you won't learn, you won't grow up. Your spirit will be stuck in the same place with the same people with the same things. I say: leave your confort zone at least once in your life. 

Microguagua playing in Guell Park in Barcelona. What a fun moment full of good vibrations. I'm your newest fan :)))

This trip wouldn't be a reality without the hand and love and support of my precious one BRUNO !! I Love You soooo much!! Thanks for holding me when I was frustated, sad, feeling like crap, sick of hitch hiking, saying that I wanna get the next flight back to Portugal (LOL)

I'm very very GRATEFULL, my heart is full of happiness and love, ready to spread the good energy and the knowlege I got from the past weeks. Time to close this circle and fly away again. 

See you Europe! See you my great friends!! WE ARE ONE !!

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