August 9, 2013


New feature in the blog!! I hope I can do this every week. Photo an Hour means I will take a photo every hour in one day. I found it fun and awesome to look back to my day with photos. And oh well I guess this is a great start with a day in the Island Thassos, actually my last day out of 4 days in paradise. Check it out!!

10am || Breakfast time! We were camping in Golden's Beach. The camping site was right in front of the beach, such a hard life :) Of course the breakfast includes cheese: feta and danish blue.

 11am || Time for a Frappe (Ice Cold Coffee) before heading for the beach

12am || I know, I know we always choose the best timing to be on the beach, the hottest hours yuppieee!! Look at this crystal blue water and white sand, I could stay here the entire Summer.

1pm || Reading The Celestine Vision book written by James Redfield, from the collection of The Celestine Prophecy, I can say these books just came in the right time into my life and I highly recommend them. Sunflower seeds cannot be missed while reading.

 2pm || Time for lunch. In the way back to the camping we admire these awesome trailler/caravan kinda houses, it's incredible how much effort they put on them, with all the electronics devices you need, plus a beautiful garden outside. I've seen some with hammocks auuuuchhh!

3pm || Surfing in the internet to organize a bit the next day since we were ready to hitch hike to Istanbul. Talked with my friend Orkun so we could stay with him, how many kilometres (500km), where to get the ride, etc.

 4pm || Walking back to the beach. Isn't this bike so cool? Mom had exactly the same when I was a kid, I wish she never through it away.

5pm || Playing in the water, enjoying the last minutes of the paradise.

6pm || Playing with beach stones. All we need is love right?

7pm || We took a nice shower and packed our stuff. Let's go get the bus to Thassos Center! I took this pic while in the bus, I like the effect and colors on it.

8pm || Enough of island. We got the ferry boat back to Keramoti and watched this beautiful sunset. Guess where we slept this night? On the beach with waves sound and watching the zillion stars.

Hope you enjoyed my Photo an Hour as I did, should I do more of this??
Have a great weekend folks!
Much love 


  1. Mmm, Greece? yes please, totally wanna visit one day ..
    All we need is Love, RIGHT :}}

    1. It's a beautiful country and for the very first time I didn't miss portuguese food because their mediterranean food is equal delicious. Let's go to Greece together, can't wait to get there :)

    2. Yessss, does it count anything that I have a Greek last name? YaY ♡

    3. No wayyyy, do you have greek roots? Lucky girl!

    4. Hehehe, actually my last name is a Greek god's name, can U believe?!
      But I still did not find out where the roots come from .. I like to believe that it is not only a name.......... :P


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