August 7, 2013


So far this was one of my Life important missions and when I look at this map a bunch of memories pop up, all the people we met up in the way, all the frustration moments, the feel of adrenaline kicking in, the CHALLENGE.

As you may know I'm always up for a new challenging, especially challenging myself to the limit and the idea of going to Greece hitch hiking was just perfect for the Summer. But you need to be physically and mentally prepared. We were 4 days straight in the high way, eating bread with tuna, sleeping outside in the gas stations. This are not really good conditions of living you may asking yourself why I do this to myself and I answer: for the experience.
As a matter of fact I will hitch hike this Summer and then I don't know when I will do it again, if I will one day...

This experience thought me so many things: working my patient and frustation when we have to stand in the Sun for hours, finding out methods to the hitch hike to be sucessful changing strategies, working out my body language when the driver didn't speak same languages, listening amazing story lives or sharing experiences with the drivers. This is not only about of testing limits is mostly about SHARING. And believe me, we have unbelieveble stories to tell you. The best adventures happen on the road, when you get a flight place to place what can you get? It's just a fast and easy way of traveling.

This adventures include: having beers with serbian driver, the turkish truck driver who left us in the high way almost dark in a spot with bears, get a ride from police man in Macedonia, a greek paying us bus tickets to Thessaloniki, police stopping us because the driver was 200 km/hour: excuse to do not pay 300€ fine was that he was rushing to take us for a flight in Athens haha, police that wanted us to pay 35€ because we cannot hitch hike in the high way but after to know our story let us staying lol, passing thru the wonderful Alps in the 14km tunnel and the beautiful Slovenia and more more.

This is also a way to feel how is it to be in the other side. For eg. in Milan, Italy Gas Station I felt like a piece of shit, everyone were looking at us like stinky hippies :/ When talking with them they didn't want to listen. At this point I felt like a real homeless, excluded by the society. 

The most important thing about hitch hiking is not to arrive the destiny but what we learn from the way. It's such a sensation of relief and happiness when someone stops the car, it's worth the time waiting!

If you don't have time, don't hitch hike. But if you feel like your life needs a serious change hitch hiking is a great tool to start a new brand circle in your life. It will help you to find out yourself again. Yes it's safe, don't worry ;) Check my Hitch Hiking Tips Post here. 

(We found this sticker in Slovenian Gas Station, this day we drove around 900 kms!!!)

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