April 18, 2013


This is the main question: "Marta, where do you get the Money to travel so long?" I think I already answered this question thousands of times and I have all the pleasure to tell you my deep secrets ;)

In fact every human being has their way of travelling: some like to travel one week and stay in a resort all week drinking cocktails, enjoying the sun and the ocean; some travel 2 weeks in 1 country with a backpack and sleep in hostels; some prefer to visit tourist zones, others prefer to visit local places.

I prefer to travel a bunch of months with my backpack in a zone of the World, for eg: Central america, Southeast Asia... and yessss the main reasons for me to travel are: Culture, Nature, Freedom Feeling. Iam a pround backpacker, I learned to carry only necessary items in my backpack so doesn't get so heavy, I learned to respect others cultures, I met tons of locals who showed me the coolest places to eat or to visit, I like to sleep in hostels to meet other backpackers. So if I stay in hostels and eat in local spots, how much money do you think I spend?

The money is not a barrier if you want to travel like this but you gotta be creative, you have to go inside you and search the best of you: "How can I get Money?" Use your knowlegde. Use your mind. I usually prefer to work few months like hell in a pub with nice workmates and save to travel. In the way you can also sell your handmade products, you can open a massage tent on the beach, you can teach english or your mother tongue, you can sell crafts you bought in other countries or you can start writting a book or even write for a magazine. You can sell your pictures, if you are a good photographer with a fancy pro camara. You have to understand that the most important thing when you travel for so long is to garanty you eat (healthy) everyday and you have a place to sleep. Then, you also have websites like Work Away where you learn about how to work in a hostel or premaculture techniques and you even have meals and a shelter for free! No money around, but we feel rich inside, for all the experiences and new skills achived.

Do you know any other ways to get Money while travelling? Share!


  1. Adoro Marta és mesmo luz pura :)

  2. I like that also the added picture!
    On the other hand: I am not crazy of questions like "where do you get the money for" this & that .. isn't is something personal.. but people .. I ask back a question: and you? haha


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