May 31, 2015


May was something between crazy and insane!

– I finally finished my migration from blogger to wordpress, it was taugh and still is but I love to learn so wordpress, you don’t scary me anymore. Alright, gotta admit that uncle google and antie youtube were there for me. Sarah from the blog Xo Sarah and Regina from ByRegina were a big help… I’m adoring blogs that talk about blogs, you guys have a place in paradise! [And in August I decided Wordpress wasn't for me so migrated again to blogger... Goooo Marta!]

– It’s not Summer yet but Beach season started already! Is there better place to be in Summer time then South Portugal? Sorry, but nope. I’m gonna stay here until the end of September/October and then who knows? I have some secret plans but don’t be so curious, you will know more details in the next months. In the meanwhile come for a visit, you will love Portugal (and our traditional food nhom nhom nhom).

– I found a job! I mean, a normal thing people call job with contract and stuff. I was kinda out of the system for 4 years and next year I gotta do IRC and boring papers like that for the Government that isn’t doing his job. Anyways I’m a barmaid in an irish pub which means I’m in contact with irish people all the time YESSS! Let’s say I’m traveling in a different way :) I’m enjoying heaps the structure and kinda routine I added in my life and to earn money by tips and salary. It’s been fun!

Now, let me share the posts I liked best this month. Should I do this month recap every month?

During my South America trip I didn’t post about Ecuador… really… shame on me. I decided to post about two ecuatorian cities Quito and Cuenca I never heard before until I got there and was amazingly surprised by their beauty, delicious food (including international), nature surrounding, colonial architecture and their people. Keeping these pictures just for myself would be such a selfish attitude :P

Talking about South America, this month I shared the Five Tours I took in this huge continent and didn’t regret at all. Sometimes we gotta leave our packpack and pretend we are tourists and uh it feels so good :D

One year ago I was exploring a completly different continent and such a rich culture. Morocco deserves a second visit and maybe a third… Became one of my favorite countries!

I was dying to create something so the need of a new agenda and a box to place all my South America paper memories sound like a great plan. Can I reuse for this DIY project? BINGO!!

Last but not least, I met Andresa and had to ask her for a guest post! She lived during 1 year, 11 days and 1 day with 1111€ and exchanging food, clothes and services. I’m learning so many different things in her book (which I trade for my Eco-Chic book) that I just want to dedicate one entire month posting about it.

Psssstt!! Do you wanna play a game? Click here. Good luuuuuuck! 

Have a wonderful sunny weekend xx

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