June 29, 2015


Alright! This is the last day of the month in the blog (if you didn’t figure yet I’m trying to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday… trying!) so let’s make a recap of the month around these parts and a bit offline too!

* I the only one or do you also feel this Summer is flying away? I’m making the most of it but hey don’t go so fast Mister Summer, could you just change a day for 30 hours? At least, just partied my butt off 4 days in Festival MED ^_^ (post here)

* I can’t believe July is around the corner and Bloggers Camp is soooo but sooooo close :) It will be a weekend full of workshops in one of the most beautiful sposts in Portugal: Sintra. But the best of the best? I will meet all those bloggers I’ve been connecting for a while, leaving comments in their posts or exchanging emails. Can’t wait to meet ya all!

* Few weeks ago I started wondering about changing my blog language to portuguese, since mostly of my readers are portuguese. When I posted about it on Facebook I got so sweet messages all over the World that I decided not to switch languages but find a solution. Any suggestions guys? Perhaps find a good translator widget or keep two blogs. Hmmmm….

* This month I felt 100% confortable in my new “normal person” job and still love working there. It’s gonna be a fun Summer! When I’m not working you can find me on the beach, having some cold drinks in the deck with friends or having dinner out. Warm weather makes me want to be outdoors all-the-time.

I didn’t post 12 times this month as I wished but here goes the highlights:
I’m really happy to announce my newest series in the blog: Interview with Family Travel Bloggers. I started this because I get comments and emails asking me if it is possible to travel with kids. Now you know ;) The next interview will be alive in Shanti Free Bird blog next Monday: A male traveler on the road with his son, how cool is this? Stay tuned, every first Monday of the month you can read a new interview about this topic. If you are a family of travellers you can join too, contact me :)

I’m trying to go back to all my travel photo folders and post about countries I never talked in the blog before. Laos is one of the list. I can’t believe I never talked about this amazing country before but I started this blog 2 years after this Asia travel so I’m excused :D I posted about Laos Towns I have been and also posted about simple and good vibe Small Villages of Laos.

I was honest enough to let you know I don’t like Faro, the capital of South Portugal, where thousands of tourists arrive in the airport to have a great time in the beach. Something I’ve learned all these years of travelling is that even in the ugliest place in the World you will find beauty. This is my message in this post including Six Things to do in Faro.

For the first time I made a book review and I enjoyed so much the experience!! If you have your own books send me for a review, I will be always honest about what I read. (And no, you don’t have to pay me… Ok, with a chocolate from your country hehe) I reviewed “How to Quit your Job and Travel the World” e-book and if you are thinking about this sentence for a while don’t miss out this inspiring book, really, Kate did a great job. Read my review if you are in doubt.

This was the month of first times here in the blog! For the first time, I talked about the year I lived in Maine, USA.How I got there, my struggles, the reason why was the best decision of my life. It’s a tiny bit of what happened but it’s great to get a glimpse of that year and my personal experience living in this country.

I opened up my heart and talked about being an immigrant and how hard it can be. For many reasons I don’t feel like moving to another country then Portugal. Maybe because I haven’t found a better place yet? Hard to beat the place we born + grew up right? You can also read why Portugal is so special…

Wish you all an happy July! Remember all those plans for small Summer trips? Go for it!

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