March 19, 2015


Hello beautiful people!
I feel like the worst blogger in the World, being silence for so long, when I have so much to tell you and amazing travel pictures to share. No excuses but I really wanted to enjoy the very last weeks of my South America trip, so yeah, I'm back in Portugal after 6 months backpacking the Americas. Also I don't have a computer so I couldn't type anything during long bus trips to copy/paste into a blog post.

I have zillion ideas for blog posts and they are all written for later with great tips for your South America adventure one day and stunning nature and colonial cities to show you but the next days I'll be focusing in this blog organization. I have this big need of organizing my content to be more visible and easy to find. Get ready because I'm super excited.

Today I'd like to share some photos of this last month of travelling. I can tell you it was pretty intense, we'd stay max. 3 days in the same spot. Basically we were in Cuenca (Ecuador) and had to arrive by land São Paulo in less then 6 weeks! If you go to a map you will see the large distance :)

This was our Welcome to Bolivia, wow couldn't be better. A lot of travelers I met on the road said their favorite country in South America is Bolivia and now I understand why! In the other hand these travelers told us about the rudeness of bolivians and we felt it in the first hour in Copacabana.

From Copacabana you can get a boat to Isla del Sol (Sun Island) where Inca civilization used to live before. Titikaka Lake is for sure the most stunning lake I ever seen in my life. It's giant and has this wonderful blue water. 

 Uyuni in South Bolivia is the house of the biggest salar in the World! Basically it's a desert, but instead of sand it only has salt. I can tell you it was a beautiful experience but it's overpriced.

I can't believe I made it to the most dangerous road in the World :) As you might figured out already South America has a lot of "the most... in the World", "the biggest... in the World". We got bikes and went downhill the mountains in a rocky pavement with high mountains all around. I was scared like hell the first minutes but as soon as I got into it I can tell you it was the coolest adventure sport I ever tried in my life. More about this day later!

 I wasn't sure if I'd be crazy about these falls because I've been in Niagara Falls in Canada before but what?? Iguaçu Falls are so much better!! This place is heaven, really. You will find a group of falls in to two levels! The pictures cannot show how powerful they are.

We managed to leave a week for Brazil which is very little for such huge country. We visited Curitiba because it was in our way and we fell in love with the city. Never been in such an eco city with so many parks. What a pity there's no ocean there, would be a perfect place to live. Then, some brazilians told us that would be Florianopolis. Should I move soon? 

We also been in São Paulo 2 days only. There's not much to visit in the city but we made the most of it. It's a really busy city with more then 20 million people but I liked the vibe of the place... weird? :) 

Hope you are feeling like packing to South America now hehe More pictures are coming soon! Have a great Thursday xxx Marta


  1. Well, I can forgive your silence due to your amazing pictures !!
    This last post is one of your best ever :)
    Thank you !

  2. Great pic, great places, great stories!!! <3
    No worries Darlin' pls, myself I am so behind too, but always reading you! Wooooow, such a busy time behind/ahead of you with great experiences! XO
    Regarding your blog-move, you know WP has 2 options: [dot]com for "free users" & [dot]org when you've got your own domain already and you build everything up alone with your 2 hands we can say :) I am still on .com and not having an own domain yet. You mentioned on my blog not having a big knowledge about it but as a free user you will get along easily. I mean it is more complicated than here on Blogger but also it is smarter ;)) but with reading around and every step you make, on .com (your address will be you can start with that and see maybe for later? We cannot upload our own themes in .com but they give a large selection (300+) of themes to choose from. Anyway, so exciting :) on WP it is more like a community-type of thing.. and the communication part is nice, ppl can see when they comment to each other back & forth etc. Anyway CU soon! :D

    1. PS: I did respond to you as well on my Bloggie :}} <3

    2. Hey girl, thanks a lot for this super helpful information. I want to change to which is not .com at all! .com is something like blogger so then I don't really need to change because I'm fine with blogger. The thing is that I need freedom to install plugins and organize better the blog and .org do it for you ;)

      A patient friend of mine will help me :))) See you soon in WP!

    3. but of course! You can ask me as well ya know! :P I think it is a lot to start with .org. Even .com is way better than B ;) but .org requires a lot of work + knowledge. You know you could move over all you've got here to over there! You can do much with .com too but if you go with .org, you also may ask, anyway right CU :}}} Yay! :}


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