August 17, 2014


Tippi lived her first ten years in African Jungle. You can see emotional and pretty pictures of Tippi and her jungle friends here.

 Society of today compares all the time when should be more concerned about their own lives. You cannot compare yourself with no one else, we are different with our positive and negative sides, no one is perfect! Grateful for this touching text by Marielle who opened up her heart and said everything.

What a beautiful story! Raimundo, a brazilian homeless living in the street for 35 years, every day used to sit and write poems. Shalla made friends with Raimundo and decided to start a facebook page for him but something unexpected happened. Watch the video here. I cried a river!

First time I heard about Vipassana I was in India, 5 months travelling alone and needed a challenge. Vipassana was tough for me by that time, you get up 4am and meditate all day long, during 10 days in silence. That's when I found this Tushita Retreat also in India and although I stayed 10 days in silence, there was also Dharma (Buddhism teaching) and only 3-4 hours meditation per day.

"Doing time, doing Vipassana" is a great documentary (less then an hour) about prisioners in India taking Vipassana and how this practice changed the energy of the prison and their people's life. I highly recommend it!

I'm so in love with this outdoor hand painted rug DIY and will make it one day. A mandala paint is calling my name!!

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