June 7, 2014


This is a new feature in the blog (I know, I know, another one... I have many interests, too much to share!) about my favorite Images, Do It Yourself Projects, Bands, Blog Posts, Cool Events, Movies, etc. etc. etc. 
I'd love to start doing this every week but cannot promise anything... when you compromise yourself in your blog you have to do it and I don't want to feel that preasure right now. 
This is a pretty awesome organic carpet, sounds like a great plan when you want to lay down in the park and don't have a carpet on you. But then you need palm trees around you :) [does anyone know the source of this?]

A while ago Van posted about Five Life Lessons, worth reading to give you some tips and courage to follow your dreams. In the end, you are not the only one "in the boat".

If I could choose a new to me Summer Festival to go I'd say SUN Festival in Hungary! Looks like a small festival in a wonderful spot. And is located in Hungary, a country I've never been before. (Just a note: I wonder how people are able camping right in front of the main dancefloor. Geeeez!!)

I just discovered "How I blog" series at Ei! Kumpel blog and I can't wait for the next interview. It's a nice way to know how bloggers around the world feel about blogging and the blog world. Beautiful sharing! Also I must admit Ei! Kumpel is a pretty interesting blog about gardening, DIYs, handmade England, etc. all topics I'm currently into. But what amazes me the most is that Margarida writes both in english and portuguese, truly patient! Go Girl!

I usually don't like action movies nor movies that are filmed in the same cenario but Non-Stop is full of surprises and my heart was beating full on almost the whole movie. I love movies that makes you think a lot, this is one good example. You can watch the official movie trailer over here.

This is what I've got for you today my dear readders, hopefully more coming! Any favorite movies, songs, blogs, books you'd like to share in the comments?

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