February 25, 2014


Shame on me. While in Lisbon completly forgot about this challenge and I was doing pretty good, taking one picture per day. Today I took 5 pictures for the challenge, just because I don't want to give up and I simply adore taking pictures.

 Day 17 - What's in your bag? I just bought my Boom Festival Ticket and the seller kindly gave me many Boom Postcards and Stickers (theme: feminine) and I've been giving them away to my friends just because they are so inspiring and pretty.

 Day 18 - Bed. Why the heck I didn't take out the water bottle and the box from the table before taking this picture? 

 Day 19 - Childhood. All my childwood and my current life is full of beach episodes. I remember when I was 7 years old, me, my cousins and neighbours used to go to the beach barefoot together, singing in the way. Also ringing people's bells and running away. haha. 

 Day 20 - Favorite Thing. Not easy at all to choose only one thing. I didn't want to pick up a material thing since experiences, feelings and moments are more important so I choose LOVE. 

 Day 21 - Promises. This is the symbol of the Municipaly of Loulé. I took the picture to represent the politians in Portugal that promise good things for the future of Portugal and never keep their promises. 

 Day 22 - Fruit. Oranges because it's the harvest right now here in South Portugal. My friends are always giving them away so my breakfast in the past month includes a fresh orange juice.

Day 23 - Night. Candles give a magical touch to the darkness and India takes a huge part of my heart.

Iam way more satisfied with the pictures of this week so I guess I did some progress. Even though I cheated and took 5 pics in one day. Oh well, no excuses right? ;) What do you think? Be honest!


  1. Love the idea behind this challenge. I'd participate but I take hundreds of photos every day for work ;p Hmmm... still love a challenge, though.

    1. Oh yeah I also love to challenge myself, that's the main reason I accepted this. But won't take part of this month... for a change? I understand you are all day long taking pics of your products might be exausting. In the end of the day you don't wanna talk about photography! haha


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