February 17, 2014


Oh boy, this week was terribly busy, for a long time I didn't feel the stress mode, responsability, the feeling that there's always something to do. I even though about smoking a cigarette again!!! I quit smoking tabacco for almost 3 years.
By the pictures you can see my busy week influence but this week I promise to go back to my photography learning and try to do my best.

 Day 10 - Mom. She has the coolest hair, it's awesome when you have white hair, can dye your hair any bright color.
 Day 11 - Jump. First time in this challenge I had to go to my old pictures and picked one. It was a bigggg day and no time for jumps. But no excuses, that's the point of this challenge right? This is Ana, my best of the best friends. She's living in Amsterdam but was here for the week. Now you understand why I was busy right? :)

 Day 12 - A gift. I prepared the donation box for the party.

 Day 13 - From my window. My friends said it was the worst picture so far. It's true.

 Day 14 - Secret. It was midnight when I remembered about the picture and was at Su's house. Took a picture with her camera to her closet, the idea came from Aurea. It's very dark but I love it.

Day 15 - Big. Su asked me: "Did you take the picture today?" I said "Sh*tttt" and she said "Look what I have for you" Friends are love! It was a big party indeed. Shots for everyone!

 Day 16 - A Ring. I bought it in Istanbul by a talented guy who was working on glass in the street.

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- You can participate! All the intructions also here. 
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What do you think of my pictures? I didn't improve anything this week. Can't wait to see what my inspiration and creativity will bring.

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