October 7, 2013


It's early to think about Christmas but when we think about handmade projects we better start them as soon as possible, because they take time.
I thought about this post because many people are concerned what to buy for Christmas to family and friends and usually they just get in a shop and buy something they think the other person will like. Well, if you want to buy something, what about a Local Store? This way you are helping out locals, instead of giving more money to millionaire people... Shops like Zara, Springfield, Pull and Bear among others belong to rich owners that will spend their money in business to get more money. Not to mention that mostly of the clothing are made by 6 years old kids from Cambodia or China, but that's another story. When you are buying to a local shop, you are increasing the economy of that family. This is a micro thinking, but if a good percentage of people do this, we will make money circulate and more buying power.

The materialism around Christmas kills me. It's completly cahotic and ridicilous. Personally, I prefer to make something myself to my friends and family. Feels good to give and to receive gifts. But when you open your gift and it's a handmade product I jump to the moon of happiness. It means that person took some time to make it nice, thinking of me, of my tastes. It doesn't need to be perfect!
I'm gonna show you 10 different projects that can inspire you and perhaps to use it as a Christmas Gift. Click on the links to check how to make, step by step. Enjoy!

This Owl Plushie is great for a children gift or someone who likes Owls or Cute things. 

How adorable are these Photo Wall Clocks? And they're not even difficult to make. You can always use pictures of yourself or with your friend. Such a creative gift!

:: Photo Source :: You will also find cute printable jar labels 
How easy, cheap and delicious are Jam Jars? It's a great gift for those who enjoy to eat. There are many many flavours you can cook. Advice: Go to the Local Market, in the end, they always throw away fuits or vegetables that are too soft, those are the perfect to make Jam and you can get them for free.

Talking about food, what about a Cookbook made by yourself? You can find inspiration here.

I made this Reversible Bag few years ago. It's very simple, if you have a sewing machine is gonna be easier but you can always hand sew. How cool is it Two bags in One? The Tutorial is here.

I really enjoy the way these Confetti Tumblers turned out. Fun and Colorful! 

These Animals Pom Poms are a good idea for baby or kids gift... or for some adults ;)

Looking for fashion items? There you are, 31 Necklaces Tutorials, for all the ladies in the World.

If your relative or friend just moved this Anthropologie Inspired Lamp is brilliant and neat solution for a Christmas Gift.

Hmmm what about an Extreme Experience? Instead of giving some material gift, you can always give an adventure time. Sky Diving, Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Hang Gliding. :: Photo Source ::

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