>> Why is your blog in english?
I wish it was in portuguese! It’s so much easier to express ourselves using our native language. As a matter of fact english is the universal language and I started this blog to give tips about traveling to all my friends around the World. I didn’t want them to go learn portuguese so they could understand my posts ^__^

>> Which is your favorite country?
India! I blame my mom and our Saturdays marathons of watching three bollywood movies. I was always passionate about the indian culture and then I got there and fell in love with the country’s landscapes, the mix of religions, the super fun indian weddings, the festivals every single day, the smells, the food, chai all the time, colorful saris. I figured out that even the negative aspects of India turned out positive thru my eyes. This is true love my friends!

>> Are you going to travel forever?
Isn’t forever a strong word? But yes, if I’m healthy I will travel until the end of my life. Travelling satisfies my heart, body and soul. I’m curious, love to learn and cannot stay too long in the same place so travelling is part of my life, my lifestyle let’s say.

>> What type of camera do you use?
I started using a Nikon D40 in the beggining of the blog and last year (October 2014) I changed for a Canon Rebel T3, a great camera for price-quality. I also use Lumix Panasonic FT25 to take pics under water and when I don’t feel like having too much weight on me. Soon a smartphone will be added in this list.

>> Do your parents pay for your trips?
Yep, I’m 31 years old and I beg my parents a couple thousand euros so I can travel for 6 months. NOTTT! My parents never gave me a cent for my travels, this is my decision, my priority, my path, so I work my butt off and save to make sure I can travel more. I know it’s hard for many people to understand my lifestyle but believe me I don’t spend much while traveling, actually I spend less then when I’m living somewhere because I have to pay bills and car and stuff. I usually spend about 350€/month when backpacking :) But since I “retired” I will spend more for sure. As I get older I have the need of more comfort. But I won’t spend one week in a resort in Cancun or in a 5 stars hotel, that’s not me =) I rather rent an house and stay close to locals or go camping and connect with Mother Earth.

If you would like to ask anything write me a message to: shantifreebird@gmail.com