August 20, 2016


On June, Zara (portuguese) and Ashray (indian) from the blog Backpack ME came to Lisbon and we had to meet for breakfast in Lx Factory. I mean, this people might be the coolest traveller couple in the World (besides me and Bruno, of course hehe). While having great food, they told me about this e-book they released about food in Lisbon. Immediately, I said "I gotta tell about this to my blog readers".
I had a great time reading this e-book and after that I was so hungry :) Zara made an awesome job writting this book, very clear, easy english, funny expressions and a bunch of history. I guess this is not only a good book for travelers who are coming to Lisbon, but also to Portugal! Not that you'll find every single "bite" in the whole country but mostly of the dishes are spread around and if you really want to indulge in the portuguese culture you have to try our traditional food.

This guide is well organized with petiscos (appetizers), soups, from the sea, from the land, desserts, pastelaria (pastries and snacks) and between, Zara also talk about Couvert Alert, A Brief Note about Wines, Another Round for Street-Smart Folks and A Digestive Talk.

Each page has a good quality picture with a description of the food, as you can see up here, but instead of divided in 4, it comes one page by one. Sometimes you will find notes that I found pretty useful.

This book is definitely a must have if you are coming to Portugal but also if you are curious about portuguese gastronomy. For example, I'm portuguese and I know all these foods but the history, how they are prepared, which ingredients are used, mostly I wasn't aware.

But hey! Don't purchase this book if:
- You are looking for a portuguese recipe book
- You want a guide of restaurants in Lisbon
- You are vegetarian 

Lisbon in 100 bites is a great source to help you find the portuguese meals that suits you, with a lot of precious information and tips. Believe me, we have tons and tons of typical dishes!

Would you like to have this book? 
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One lucky person will get a copy of Lisbon in 100 Bites. It's open to everywhere in the World. Fill this up and good luck!

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