January 20, 2016


Hey guys!! 
You might be wondering what's going on, the free bird girl doesn't travel anymore? Nahhh. Traveling is my passion, how is supposed to live without passion? 
My trip to Asia - my fave continent - is around the corner and as always, I leave everything for the last day, including the plan. Ok, we all know by now I simply don't plan, I read some blog posts from travelers fellows and write down some tips. I don't really like to read all information because my expectations will be high and also, I love to be surprised in all places I visit :)

This time I decided to post in the blog just because I can just come here and click in the links, instead of looking for that awesome post I'll never find. 
First stop will be Cambodia. That country that been on my list forever... For now the plan is to explore Siem Reap, Koh Rong and Phnom Penh. In between I want to cycle and discover villages and rural life. I have a feeling I'll love this country! [image source]


The Best Temples at Angkor: Everyone says Siem Reap is a wonderful town but we all know that we come here, especially, to visit Angkor Wat Temples. We decided to buy the 3 days pass (you only can choose 1 day ticket or 3 days ticket) so we can enjoy this magnificent place better with no rush. 
Michael Turtle made a great job with this comprehensive guide to Angkor Temples, will follow his tips for sure!

Beyond Angkor Wat: Alternative Things to Do in Siem Reap: I like this post because of the Vegetarian Restaurants listed :) I probably will check out the floating village.

- Crazy, Alternative Things To Do in Siem Reap: Here is a good list of bizarre stuff to do. Eating tarantulas isn't my plan at all but who knows?!


I really hope we can celebrate my birthday in this piece of paradise :) In this island there are no cars or roads, no electricity after midnight and lack of wifi. Sounds like the place to be to unplug for a week from all online world and magnetism we face every single day. 

- A Budgeter's Guide to Koh Rong + Is Koh Rong Worth Visiting? : Both of these posts will be my inspiration, since we all know what do in a remote island: beach, reading in your bungalow and have some beers :) 


My friend Ana Ferreira moved to this town and she knows those secret spots that travel guide books never talk about :D If there's something I truly love while traveling is being with locals! A local that is my friend already?! *jump* *arms in the air* *yuppie* [image source]

- 48 Hours in Phnom Penh: Although we will be around five days, this post offers detail and great tips for female travelers. I'll decide if will visit the Killing Fields whenever I'm there, it's too strong but sometimes we have to face reality to know more about History. Have you been there? What do you think?

- 11 Reasons to Add Phnom Penh to Your Trip Itinerary: This post contains all info you need to know from places to visit, to places to eat, what to eat, where to get a good massage and a bunch of tips. 

Guys if I CAN do this, YOU CAN as well. Save for your trip instead saving for a better car or TV or even more clothes. It's all about priorities. I swear my parents aren't rich :D Let's go!

Probably I won't have a lot of free time to post in the blog but I will try to update my instagram and twitter twice a day. Not following yet? Follow my adventures around Southeast Asia the next weeks :)

Have you been in Cambodia? Anything I should know? Which place you liked best?

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