February 23, 2015


You want to change your hair to a vivid color but don't want to spend a bunch of money? Kaylah has great hair tips, she is bleaching her hair for many years so you can trust her advices. I followed some tips about how to maintain the color and they are working very well. 

I have been in the hunt for an handmade brown hat, but all I find here in Peru are ethnic multi colored ones. Not that I don't love them and want to bring all with me but I need something simple with only nature colors. The portuguese designer Ines Silva has exactly what I'm looking for, so guess what's the second thing I'm doing to do when I arrive Portugal? :)) The first is obviouly meeting my friends and family and eat tons of portuguese traditional food! 

I'm so glad I re-watched this movie last week. Tropa de Elite 2 is a brazilian movie about a special police who fight extreme criminality but they found out the criminal was the system (read government). This movie shows the reality of system corruption and how hard is to break it. Many deaths of inocent people in the way. (image source)

OMG! This post about hostels is hilarious! I especial enjoyed the irony and dark humor of the authour. I'm backpacking for 8 years (not straight) and I gotta agree that is super sad when hostel's staff charge you for a book exchange (or ask 2 books for 1) or to storage luggage. Oh man gimme a break! Also make sure you read the Hostel Owner comment, he has a point and it's always important to hear both sides ;)

Are you a serious blog organizer? Check this Weekly Blog Planner! I didn't use it yet but I think is useful, especially to check all the social network without being confused which ones you updated already. I enjoy the simplicity of the design. Cheers Meg!

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