November 18, 2014


There are all kinds of stereotypes about americans: they are very patriots or they think their country is the best, they only eat fast food and are over weighted. Obviously this is not true, only a small percentage of americans might be like this, but also in every single country you will find people with these characteristics. This is something humans have to change, we have to stop making absurd generalizations and start thinking a person as unique personality and not an entire nation as a whole. 

What I figured about americans and I really love, is the fact that whenever you make eye contact with them, they will say "Hi!" or smile. Many times they will say "Hello, how are you?" and you are just passing by. When going to grocery store there is a staff person saying "Good morning, how are you today?" Even if they are paid to say that, they will bright my day for sure.

So, doesn't matter if you are a stranger, americans are friendly. What happens often and I wish really hard that was like this everywhere in the World is that if someone likes your hair or shirt, or anything about you, they will let you know verbally. So many times I was in the street or in a shop and I listened "Nice dress!" or "I love your hair!". If you like something from someone you should tell the person, giving compliments make people happy about themselves.

Besides being friendly, americans can be truly helpful. There was one time I needed a public phone to make a quick call so I asked a girl where could I find one and she immediately landed her phone. Another day I was lost and got in a decoration shop to ask the employee if she knew where was the street I was looking for so she printed out a map from google maps I could follow! These are small examples, actually situations like this happens often. I feel that if I need something there will always be an angel giving us an hand.

As an american, do you agree with this post? When you travel overseas do you feel people are less friendly or helpful? Non american do you feel same way as me when traveling USA?


  1. Hey Girl, I lived in the States for many years and in 3 different states. Of course, that is not the whole country + the whole country is super big.

    Unfortunately, I did experience arrogance (we can be honest here, on your page, can't we :) and thoughts of they think they are the best, flags everywhere, self-admiring, etc etc.. These reasons largely bothered me and made me move on as well. I am glad you experience something else. Also, you are in Cali which is slightly different, right? :) (Cali so far was my fave too but SF and noooooot LA. I do not know SD.) About the eating, the fast food on every corner - thing does not help but they do not eat very well honestly, but that again you may have anywhere on the planet. Friendliness or hello-s not sure but the last place I lived at was Nyc Manhattan itself which as we know........ is very stressed busy crowded etc etc. They definitely say have a good day hi etc (but that goes in France too) but the how are you is not really a question of our well beings (sorry..) but more like what's up as hello hi! :) I noticed no one really cares how I am and I should not go into details about that .. Unless you really know the person and know that they care. Sorry for my long response - I hope you do not mind.
    The good examples you mentioned I truly believe are everywhere as again: good and bad can be found anywhere & everywhere! :) I totally like to compliment when I like something, it is good to give and receive, right?

    I am glad you're enjoying yourself, Missy!

    1. Yes you are right that you still see a lot of patriotism and overweighted people around here, more then many other countries. And its a huuuge country, 50 states! I lived in Maine and traveled East coast all the time and still there people were friendly and helpful.
      California is the coolest state so far :)

    2. :) yes, 1 of the biggest on this planet. Cali was the coolest we can agree :)
      In France the American hello how are you = how u' doin' goes to "ça va"!? Where they pass next to you by not really waiting for any response haha funny.

    3. In france i had a feeling nobody really care... in portugal its common to say hello, how are you when you go to small villages... mostly more like a hello, because locals know who doesn't live there, it's kind of a signal of respect.
      I feel this hello how are you stronger in the states, but you know, we all have different points of view depending in our experiences.

  2. True on the America-thing, especially here in the south where it's slower/friendlier. Up North people are more to-the-point or even "rude"/busy/twitchy. I tell people when I like what they're wearing and say "Hi" and smile all the time. For people with social anxiety (which I'm sensitive too now because of an ex who had it) it's a nightmare, they'd like it better in countries where conversations are too-the-point. If I were to travel to Scandinavia or Korea, for instance, where I hear people don't small-talk and are more stoic I think I'd have a lot of awkward unanswered "Hi's" and waves. The only time I loathe small talk is when it's with someone I thought I had a deeper connection with and they're giving me trite answers; I want the real deal sometimes!

    1. See, we dont do that in Portugal. Is like getting in that person's boundaries? Or maybe feeling you are perturbing them somehow? But we smile at eachother, yes, in USA is more common though.


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