November 13, 2014


During my travels I had really embarassing moments of using body language (aka looking like a monkey) to show people what I needed. Many times looks like they understand me but in the end I noticed that they were only saying yes with their heads and not understanding a word.

Today I'll share three funny stories that happened to me. Hope you enjoy! Happy laughs :D

Story 1. I was traveling in a InterRail across Europe with my cousin and best friend and we arrived in Prague late. We were bored at the house we rent, it was raining outside but we were curious about the nightlife of the city so we decided to explore. As we were running from the rain, we would look at the pubs names but we couldn't understand a thing in check so we just entered a random pub. We ordered some drinks and when we looked around we only could see men. A minute later we figured out we were in a female strip tease club. We ended up staying there until we finished our drinks and actually had a great time! 

Story 2. I lost my backpack with passport, money and credit cards in there in the first week I was in Tulum (Mexico) so I decided to report the situation in the police station. I talked for more then 30 minutes telling the policeman all the details, he looked like he was understanding what I was saying and writing some notes in his small notepad. When I finished he seemed confused and said "What?" I was so frustrated that I just left. My spanish wasn't that good by that time but he could ask me to repeat what he didn't understand right? (if you want to know the full story of this lost backpack read here.) 

Story 3. When I was in India I always refused to go to travel agencies to book train tickets and do it myself in the train station so I could interact more with locals. I purchased this train ticket to a town close to Pushkar and thought I just purchased a sleeping seat. As soon as I got in the train I couldn't find my seat number, when I found it someone was sitting there. I couldn't believe it wasn't in the bed area and it was a 14 hours overnight train! Seems that in India there's no seat reserved, it goes to the first person who seats there. I'm glad a men let me stay in his seat but it was a long night. 

Do you have funny stories related to misunderstandings while you were traveling? Please do share in the comments, I can't wait to read them.


  1. Making a fool out of yourself is a travel staple ;) I haven't had any as epic as yours, just basic misunderstandings when ordering things for the most part.

  2. The story about the strip club! How embarrassing!


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