September 8, 2014


Hello friends!
To start the week full on you can read the interview by Van from Thrift Core to me! Did I tell you before how much I looooove to be asked about my trips? :D
You can see the full interview with cool travel pictures here. 

I leave you with two questions about my weirdest travel story and my best travel story! Oh boy so many stories to tell my grandsons, I don't need any kids books to help out, my own life stories are enough.

Van - Weirdest encounter/story?
Marta - When hitch hiking you collect many funny and weird stories but I'm going to tell you a story that happened when I was in a village in North India where I was the very first tourist ever seen! I spent all day drinking chai and talking with locals when the police came and asked me for my passport. It was in my room so I said I would bring it later to the police station (or mini office?!) but they reacted pretty nervous! At some point there was 30 indians talking with the police in Hindi and I couldn't understand a word! Finally a lawyer who knew English helped me out... I just had to sign up a paper and show the passport later. What a relief *phewwww*

Van - Best encounter/story?
Marta - Not best because I cannot name one but best for that exactly moment. We were traveling in Honduras for 3 days and didn't stop raining, we were sick of the weather so decided to move to Nicaragua. This time we were asking for a ride for less then a minute when a man pulled over. Besides being the Honduras Red Cross Director, he was also the Pizza Hut Director. In the way he invited us to go to a Pizza Hut restaurant because he had some papers to sign and eat all we want! You should see our table full of pizzas and deserts and we still brought food with us for the week :)


  1. .. and I like reading your interesting stories!
    No need of books but sharing your stories to grandkids - cracked me up, Funny Girl! :}}


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