August 7, 2014


While in my trip in Amsterdam I found this Stedelijk Museum but actually didn't go to the museum... I just saw this huge place full of books and had some time to kill until Ana was off from work. The truth is that I got too excited and spent way more time looking at books that I should :D I mean, I was in book heaven: arts, design, do it yourself, travels, cultures, tribes, hippie times, pretty agendas, oh dear!

This book "Made by Yourself" by the stylist, designer and photographer Peter Fehrentz caught my eye in two seconds... I'm really into anything that teaches you to create with your own hands. And come on, you cannot go wrong with such pretty book cover! The sad new is that I didn't buy the book because I was backpacking and it's extra weight for more ten days... and it was hardcover. I will buy it in the future though!

Luckly there was a large white table I was able to read the contents of the book and I got all excited so I took pictures of my favorites DIY projects to get inspired.
The colors and design of the book are neat and clear, pretty and fantastic! I also love DIY books that tells you about the level of the project, the time you will take and costs.

I searched more about the writer of the book and actually felt really happy I found him. He's also a interior home designer pretty talented, I really love his vintage inspired style! These are the two more interesting links I found about Peter:

I hope these page photos brings you brilliant ideas and motivation to be productive!
Much love and light, Marta


  1. This book is definitely for ya :}} and your green rings .. I have one very closely similar looking one to yours on your index finger!! and I waaaaaaan' that chair for my Pet ♡

    1. I want that chair for myself! Hehe lately iam more into rings, my collection is growinnng

    2. Hahaha, yeah 2 chairs then! I always loved rings and I am wearing this green one now that I type :} the green is lighter but same style (in fact the color changes?), so yes for rings, bracelets, chains.................


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