August 2, 2014


There are many people out there who think I'm crazy just because I don't have a routine, a 8 hours job, own a house and car. I completly understand that traveling is an alternative lifestyle and it's weird just because not a lot of people do that. This is the way I choose to live my life! This is the way I feel happy!

:: The feeling of real freedom :: I wake up whenever I feel like and I go wherever I want at the time I want. There is no boss telling me what I have to do and how I have to do. Also I don't have to worry about paying bills or car insurance, I have total freedom to decide where I'm going to sleep the next nights: renting a house, camping, hostel or CouchSurfing.

:: No routine :: I'm not a routine person, I get bored easily when I follow a routine with timings or when doing every single day the same thing over and over again.

:: Getting out of comfort zone :: I love a good challenge and being out of my comfort zone requires a lot of skills and learn from experience.

:: Meet tons of people :: People that means the world to me, people who inspire me with their life stories, the exchange of useful information that can literally save or change your life. People who hold your hand in difficult situations. People who have a word to make you feel better or an hug when there are no words enough to say.

:: Learning Process :: I really think traveling is a school of life. You also have school subjects like: Maths, History, Geography, Languages, Resource Management, Sociology, Psicology, Physical Education, Sciences... but in a practical way, you naturally learn and you are right there living it.

:: Meet different cultures :: Live how locals live is the best way to learn a culture. Sometimes we disagree with some situations but we always respect and understand that we are the foreigners so we try to adapt realities. Also I appreciate more my culture and even feel pround of having portuguese roots. For example some countries I feel sad I can't taste their traditional gastronomy because they don't have such thing so when I go back to Portugal I take more time enjoying myself eating.

:: Watch incredible views :: How many times I watched a landscape for 3 hours? Countless! There are such wonderful corners in this planet they look from fairytales or paintings. Why staying in the same place all-the-time when you can discover a world out there?

:: Get to know youself better :: A travel is a spiritual journey. You will face situations that you never thought you'd behave like that until you have to pass thru them. You have more strangers around you and they will tell things about you that you'll feel surprised. As soon as you know yourself better you'll try to improve your less positive features.

Ok, are you ready to change your lifestyle? hahaha I'm kidding! No matter what your lifestyle looks like, the most important thing is living with joy and happiness :)


  1. I

    This is the way you feel happy? That is the way I like you hehehe
    No, seriously, crazy? but I love this crazy, that is the way to go, You Go, Girl!!!
    PS: Agreed on so many points here, so many ...


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