April 26, 2014


When traveling in Morocco I met Ricardo, a spanish pro active guy who was traveling solo in Morocco to organize an expeditation from July 10th until July 25th in Spain and then until August 15th in Morocco. 

"Ruta Inti is a cultural and social project for young students from all around the world. The focus of the project is the expedition itself, which will tour different countries each year with a history that gives a background to the idea. The expedition will take them on an educational journey in which they will have the opportunity to make contact with the social, cultural, historical, and human reality of today's world."

This year the choosen country is Morocco. Let me tell you that I just checked Ruta Inti website, the itinerary they prepared for the participants is super exciting! All the places you have the opportunity to visit and experience will enrich your life. 

Also this is an unique and organized possibility to see the true essence of Morocco with the help of guides and locals. It's such an interesting culture and diverse country with desert, mountains, ocean and snow. 

Hurry up! You only have until May 15th to sign up. You can acess their website in english here and spanish here. If you need extra info don't hesitate to contact them. 

Spread the word!

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