February 19, 2014


I'm excited to introduce you to my teenager time boyfriend Aless. We had a cool relationship when we were around 16. He was the grafitti dude, I was a stylish hiphopper, but so many things changed back then. I never thought one day we would share this passion for travels until 5 years ago.
Aless opened up his heart and decided to accept to write a text for this blog. He trully inspire me with his life story, the way he travels, that he still works in the way and that finally he found the peace of mind. Love you dude!

"It all started when I was still a kid in school around 10 or 11 years old, when I was not playing football with the other boys I used to look up at the sky and watch the airplanes fly around. Once I even told our PE teacher during a class while pointing at one of the airplanes, that I wish I was on it, flying far away... Back then I had no idea, that this was the need of traveling, the passion of wanting to see the world. So I always had the need to explore, to walk paths which I never walked before. I was quite insecure, but most of the times I got over myself and tried the unknown way instead of repeating routines.
My parents were both very well traveled, both of them lived on different continents and loved to go on holidays to explore new regions of the world. I did my first trip in May 2009, when I went to Bali on my own, back then I was quite unhappy. After graduating I started a corporate job in Germany, after spending all my life in Portugal, apart of a semester in the Czech Republic, I was deeply unhappy in the german cold. So I decided to go to Bali as I love wave riding it was the perfect destination, I booked my ticket for 3 weeks and I went. It was my first time in Asia and it was love on the first sight, the Island of Bali is very special, people are friendly, waves are perfect, food is awesome and it is a very safe place. I returned to Bali several times, at the moment I am traveling and soon I'll be there again and my heart starts bouncing faster only when I think of it.

Right now I am in Thailand on Koh Phangan, I've been here a whole month, its a great spot, I earn my money online, I work on my computer between 3 and 6 hours each day, so I need a good internet connection, also I am really into fitness, so a Gym in walking distance is a must for me. All this is perfect on Koh Phangan, so I decided to stay here another month before heading to Bali. I love to party and that of course also happens a lot on this island. Last night was the fullmoon party which is super famous and crazy. So tonight I just chilled a bit with friends at a café, next to the street, where we could recover from our hangovers, observe and meet people while sipping at our Lattes.

For me its important to find a balance in life, I like to party but not too much, I occasionally drink but not too much, traveling for me is not a holiday, I work and I have routines, my own routines, its a lifestyle, a lifestyle I love and enjoy. Its just great and important for me to decide my own schedules and not be a slave for some corporation or boss. That's quality of life for me, where I can decide if I work or not, at what time and how long.

I totally changed my life after my father passed away last year, I started thinking and reflecting about life. I realized that you can only attract good things if you have good things to share. Its important that you treat yourself well, so I started being less critical with myself, I started to respect myself more and appreciate my inner being in a honest way. In the past I had no love for myself, so I always searched that love in other people, I had the hope that other people could fill up the vacuum inside of me. But the emptiness could only be filled up with my own love. I was afraid of being left alone and being abandoned. All these fears have been vanishing more and more lately, its a process and I know that it will take time but it makes me happy and proud to know that I am on the right path! These days I really appreciate spending time on my own and I am getting more and more out of my comfort zone. Life is a journey and I decided to choose the path which leads to the unknown, because home is not a physical place, home is where the heart is."

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  1. Amazing words my friend :). Make me think a lot.

    Cheers. Keep writting.


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