July 3, 2013


I was looking at the pictures I took when I spent 5 weeks in Melbourne, Australia and I found this beautiful vintage items. They belonged to ozzie families 50, 60 years ago and now are in this Museum.
Something I found out is that vintage is wayyyy more expansive in Australia then USA or Portugal, one item can cost 5 times more! I guess it's because they earn 5 times more? ; )  And there are no cents items... hmmm maybe I gotta find different stores next time. Hey Ozzie friends any cool vintage stores I should take a peek?

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  1. Vintage items EQUAL big business in Australia and the USA ..Antique centres have ...new items mixed with old ,handicraft and local produce .some have Liquor licence and Cafes attached ,and a lot of charm ,learn a little about our past ...go back in time .


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