March 14, 2013


Gosh! If I ever in my life knew that hitch hiking (HH) is so much fun!!!

First time I tried this way of travelling was 2 years ago by accident when I was volunteering in Norway. We had this task: take a paper with a town written and then head to that place and stay overnight with only 10€. First thought was YYEEYYY!! I love challenges. I was so happy that my challenge mate was Ana, a portuguese volunteer and also my roomate, she was adventurous, open minded and spontaneous, "We will survive!" We were lucky enough to get a close town and our sweet driver called her friend so we could sleep over his place! BONUS! 3 days in Norway and we were already sleeping in a real norwegian family house. We chatted a lot, ate great norwegian goodies and slept in a princess bedroom.
Next day was quit fun to know the other volunteers stories, I felt bad for those guys who HH to Oslo (around 400km from where we were) and had to stay in the train station for the night. It was January, we were in Norway, can you imagine the cold??!! brrrr

When I was travelling 7 months alone in Asia I never thought about this, I was too scared to ask for a ride alone, especially in countries like India, where man are quite crazy about westerns and you should cover all your body to make sure they will not look at you like you are Marilyn Monroe...
But travelling with my partner made everything easy! We pretty much hitch hiked in the whole Central America, plus from Switzerland until Portugal where we made friends with a bunch of portuguese truck drivers and lived like them for 2 days. It's such a lonely life but we gave more color to our beautiful driver's lives since they had company and someone to talk with and at the same time we were heading to Portugal.
More hitch hiking stories coming! Also tips by me and by professionals of this art. We have so many funny, surprising, emotional stories to share, can't wait!

 In our way to Chichen Itza - Mexico (Dec 2012)

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