November 24, 2014


If you are around this blog for a while you know that I'm not really a city person. I will visit cities of the World that apply to me or are famous but I don't think I'd live forever in a city (never say never). But in a certain way there are cities out there that are beautiful or I felt a really good vibe as soon as I got there. Do you know this feeling? You smile just walking in the streets and feel you kinda belong there. 
I enjoy to make lists just for the fun and few days ago I wrote a list of ten cities in the World I've been before and wouldn't mind to live for a year... or two. 

Barcelona :: Spain
I'm a vivid fan of Antoni Gaudí and his art is everywhere in this city (Parque Guell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló...). It's definetly a place with all in the pack: good beaches, awesome architecture, delicious food, nice pubs and cafés, alternative lifestyle. And a plus if you speak spanish.

Berlin :: Germany
Although all the cold in Winter time I'm sold out for Berlin. It's a relatively cheap city with a lot to explore. You have a party every night of any type of music. I can't believe that they turned an ex-airport into a park where you can go skating or biking, drinking a beer or organize a picnic. I also love the abandoned places like this abandoned amusement park I explored with Claudia and Joana, we had to climb the fence, what an adventure!

Istanbul :: Turkey
A city divided in two continents: Asia and Europe. You can feel the best of both Worlds and the result is a learning process. I could spend an entire week admiring mosques inside and outside, not that I'm religious, but the architecture work is simply amazing. I also like the idea that there are students all over the World and also that all the alternative turkish come live here.

Lisbon :: Portugal
To be honest, I'd add Porto in this list as well but I wanted to choose only one city of each country. Lisbon is full of history and culture, you don't really need a plan to visit the famous spots of the city, I say get lost and you will be surprised with all you'll find; from old pretty houses, to great views (Adamastor, to the bridge...), passing thru Bairro Alto during the day and night, yummie food (including the famous pasteis de Belem), interesting events going on all the time, fado in a tasca with red wine or sangria as your company. I consider Lisbon one of the most beautiful capitals in the World.

Lyon :: France
You cannot go wrong with a city with not only one but two rivers! I like the multiculture environment that is going on, especially the turkish quarter and their bizarre food. I love that you can walk everwhere and they have the most beautiful park I ever been in my life: Parc Tete D'Or . The cafés and restaurants in downtown are french style: well decorated and with great food. [More about Lyon here].

Melbourne :: Australia
It's not only the beautiful downtown with a bunch of stunning buildings, inspiring street art, artists playing in the main avenue, arts and arts and arts, it's also the dandenongs, the Great Ocean Road and one of the best festivals in the World. It's deeply organized and the transportation works very well. I found pretty awesome second hand stores and one of my favorite areas is St. Kilda where you find the beach. The only thing I don't like are the rules everywhere, for example, you gotta wear an helmet when riding your bike or you get a ticket. I love to feel my hair when cycling and they are taking all the joy, "for safety".

Prague :: Czech Republic
 The black statues you can find here are one of the most beautiful things I ever seen, they look so neat! I enjoy the environment in the city and the hidden gardens. The cheap beer and the fact that is so international also give it some points.

Rio de Janeiro :: Brazil
 For many people is the most dangerous place, for me is the place to be. I have this dream of living in a Favela of Rio and help the community with social projects. I had great joy exploring the Botanic Gardens, The florest of Tijuca and other parks. As you can see it's not only a big city, it's also a place you can find amazing nature. Brazilians are pretty friendly and they love to have fun. So much culture going on there! I can drink a caipirinha while I watch a capoeira circle all day or learn how to dance samba. What about the Carnival? And the fact that you spend New Year's Eve on the beach wearing white clothes? Yes, yes, please.

San Francisco :: USA
I'm not a fan of living in the States but there's something magic about this city. All my life I heard about the sixties in San Francisco, how people tried to be free, fighting for their rights, for peace and love, it was the best decade, full of history, the time I'd love to live. I adore the lifestyle, the artsy stores, the international food you can get and people are very nice. I like the idea of Flea Markets along the bay and the bay itself. I could easily live in Haight Ashbury and work as Social Worker with homeless in Sonoma or Market Str. When I needed peace of mind I'd head to Golden Gate Park and to the beach.

Toronto :: Canada
I usually say that Toronto breath culture and cultures. I think it's such an alternative place to live with great bookstores and design, antique stores, unique handmade stores. It's great to get lost in Chinatown and to explore by bike. I'd go on a boat trip every weekend :)

Do you like my selection of cities? Which Cities would you live for 1 year? 


  1. Olá Marta! Como estás?
    Já sigo o teu blogue há algum tempo e gosto imenso de acompanhar as tuas aventuras e da forma descontraída como escreves; pareces-me uma pessoa mesmo muito boa onda :)
    Admiro a coragem de teres quebrado as correntes que nos prendem a esta rotina formatada e de viveres a vida ao máximo!
    Gostava de saber se conheces famílias com filhos pequenos que também fazem deste o seu estilo de vida e de que forma conseguem viajar e gerir as suas poupanças.
    Obrigada pelas partilhas que fazes aqui e continuação de boas viagens :)

    1. Ola Dulce, antes de mais fico feliz por saber que existem pessoas desse lado a ler sobre as minhas experiencias e a sentirem se motivadas para uma mudanca.

      Ao longo das minhas viagens tenho conhecido algumas familias que viajam com os filhos ja ha alguns anos. Quando tens filhos teras de pensar no factor conforto por isso muitas familias optam por comprar uma autocaravana e viajarem assim. Desta forma, podes cozinhar e dormir por la, poupando valentes montantes, so para nao falar da liberdade de escolha onde dormires: em frente ao mar, nas montanhas, ao pe dum riacho...

      Outras familias optam por viajarem mesmo modo backpacker, acampando (as criancas adoram a natureza) e usando os autocarros locais. Ficam na mesma a dormir em hostels pois alguns para alem dos dormitorios, oferecem quartos privados. Pelo caminho as criancas tem na mesma a escola ou melhor dizendo, a homeschooling, sendo o pai ou a mae o professor. Sinceramente penso que desde bem balancada esta e uma otima opcao para as criancas visto que aprendem o mundo pelos seus proprios olhos... Desde que brinquem com outras criancas frequentemente, os pais poderao ensinar o basico do ensino e da teoria.

      Ja me deparei com varios travel blogs em que os autores estao a viajar com as criancas como . Lamento mas assim de momento nao estou a ver mais nenhum, pois nao tenho filhos pelo que nao costumo me interessar por estes blogs :P Mas se fizeres uma pesquisa online vais te deparar com imensos blogs que te vao inspirar de tal forma que vais querer mudar de vida logo!

      Espero ter te ajudado de alguma forma :) Continuacao de uma otima semana!

  2. A lovely collection, Friend :}}
    Definitely motivational, too!!

  3. I fantasize about giving up the day job and travelling from city to city to experience life in a different place. I lived in Ha Noi, Vietnam, for a year in my mid 20s and loved it. Cross my fingers. You never know. It might happen again.

    1. Well if you dream about it, make it happen =) save some bucks and live the dream. Oh Hanoi could be in this list as well, i love the athemosphere of the place so much, the food is to die for and people so friendly.


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