July 29, 2015


When I heard about the possibility of a Bloggers Gathering in Portugal I jumped of happiness. The last couple months I’ve been thinking about joining an event with other bloggers but lost hope in Portugal because… well… let’s face it, no one wants to have the hard work of organizing something big like this. So I thought about joining a Bloggers Conference in Romania but my budget wasn’t enough.

But when Catarina sent me an email about a Bloggers Camp my hope started increasing and in few months we were together!! It all started with Catarina from Daydreams, she had this “crazy idea” and asked Catarina and Ana their thoughts about it. Of course, they said “Yeah let’s do it!” If you meet them virtually you’ll believe that anything can happen with these 3 girls. Happily Doreen accepted to work double shifts during the weekend and that meant the World to me. I was able to join the Bloggers Camp 2015!

Guys, what really excited me about this weekend was the fact that I could meet the bloggers I follow for a while face to face, meet new bloggers and the fact it wasn’t a conference indoors, boring, with hundreds of other bloggers: we are talking about a Camp (you know how nomad Iam!) with limited subscriptions of 50 bloggers in a super awesome Hostel (my accomodation style for the last 4 years) in Sintra (my top 5 most beautiful spots of Portugal). Now, do you understand why I HAD TO GO to Bloggers Camp?

Time to show you a bit of our brilliant weekend. Our meeting was extremely natural, everyone felt at home with this feeling that we knew eachother for a long time :) You know when you don’t know someone and you feel shy? Didn’t happen! We started talking with eachother, introducting our blogs and where we live like we were friends for ages. I love this! It was a great start.

The organizers Catarina from Joan of July, Catarina from DayDreams and Ana from Infinito mais Um gave us a badge with our name + blog and prepared a bunch of products to give away. I couldn’t believe in my eyes, so may things! It was Christmas in Sumer, yuppie hey hey :D


So let’s start the “Conference”! Can you see the kitschy super cool hostel decoration? Don’t worry I will write an entire review about it with wonderful photos, promise. We had the luck to have five bloggers from different categories: Travel, Fashion, Photography, Lifestyle and Beauty to talk about their blogs and share many stories with us. This afternoon was so productive, we were able to discuss and exchange different points of views from blogosphere.

We even had a band playing for us! À Toa is the new generation band, they are so talented and ok, I will say it sooooo pretty ^_^ Nice Way Palace Hostel has all different cute and inspiring spots to take pictures outside and I took advantage of that. When you are in a pretty spot surrounded by bloggers you gotta ask them for a photo session hehe

Both lunch and dinner were delicious and kinda healthy. I liked the concept of Hamburgueria do Bairro, we received a box with a simple but wonderful designed by Sara who was attending Bloggers Camp. When you open the box you can find your burguer in a spot and your fries (with oregano yummieeee) in another spot, I can say I love funtional and practical things.

During the evening, we had an interesting workshop about how to have more ideas for blog posts and how to turn our blogs more visible, using SEO and Google options. Seriously, I learned so much! And again, an healthy discussion during the workshop.

Next day I started feeling a bit sad because in the end of the day was time to leave, so I decided to enjoy every second of Day 2 – Bloggers Camp 2015. we had the pleasure to have blogger Helena (who writes for magazines and have a degree in journalism) to talk about Brands: how and when to approch them, what we should avoid with illustrative images and how to deal with brands. She is experienced you can tell!

When bloggers are together always talk about photography, it’s so important to have quality text as having good photos in our blogs so Mafalda was invited to share her knowledge about Photography (I have to start working with photoshop like NOW), apps recommendations to make our photos look awesome, basic tips on how to use a reflex camera and a plus: instagram! I have a bunch of IG accounts to add now :D She said that a good IG picture needs to be inspiring, that we should add small daily items to our main focus object. I wrote a lot of notes of the day and can’t wait to start using them!

I have no words to express my happiness, seems that this weeked was a dream, it flew so quick. Definitely, one of the highlights of my year so far, like a dream coming true. And all because of Catarina and her crazy idea of a Bloggers Camp and Catarina and Ana who accepted this challenge. Also us bloggers who travelled from North, Center and South to be there, to all of us who believed in this event. Now we just can’t wait for Bloggers Camp 2016 or Bloggers Camp Winter 2015?

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