August 11, 2014


The other day I was bored at home and felt like create something with my hands. I didn't want to spend any money, just use what I have and recycle. I looked around and remembered to see this stall in a crafts fair that was selling necklaces made out of newspapers.
Immediatly checked pinterest for inspiration and then search for a video on how to make a neat basket of newspaper :)

The process is a bit challenging, looks easier to make than it really is and although I liked the result of my basket, is not perfect at all. I think it's easy to make the pieces, the hard part is to connect them, especially the small circles and then the larger ones.

All you need: newspapers, scissors, white glue. hot glue gun, brush, clothing peg and a stick. This is the youtube video I followed to make this DIY project. Yes, it's in spanish but in this case body language is pretty explicit.
I didn't paint my basket in the end because I love the newspaper appearance, looks more organic and real. 

I just made this basket for the fun so I didn't see a utility in the beggining. Well you can actually have it just for decoration, it's beautiful! But then I started thinking what it could be used for... The thing is that it cannot keep tiny or small things because the circles have big holes so I thought about keeping my honey drops there. 

I also had a great time photographing for this post... You can get this basket in so many beautiful prespectives. Your turn to get crafty :) 

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