May 25, 2014


Seems that all bloggers I follow are on vacation time, only few new posts the last 24 hours? Or it's just me? It's funny how life is ironic, when I have all the free time, no updates on blogger or bloglovin. Sweet!

Sweet, sweet is this Kawaii Box giveaway that Twinkie Chan is hosting in her blog! I usually don't post giveaways from other bloggers in my own blog but common this is way toooo cute not to be shared. It's also a way to promote this artist I follow for around 5 years. And ok, I admit, Twinkie and I share the same last name, I wonder if we are relatives? Twinkie dear, do you have any portuguese roots? hmm? 

If you have the time check Twinkie's shop, it's full of cuteness! She's pretty talented and gives me the motivation to learn crochet. One day, one day. For now go to Twinkie's blog and join this awesome giveaway! (it's a mystery what's inside the box, who doesn't like surprises? Me loves!)


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